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Bespoke Ex p Overpressure System

Bespoke Ex p Overpressure System

Ex p - pressure and purge Ex protection is one of the oldest forms of hazardous area protection concepts. It relies on a clean air or instrument supply to first purge and flush the containment system and then to keep a positive pressure internally, usually with leakage compensation and other methods of protection built in.

At indEx we work closely with our partners to use a new certified method of Ex p called overpressure. This still relies on the same principles as the purge and pressure method to keep out hazardous materials but all the electrical and contactor gear is inside the cabinet meaning we can make the enclosures from SS 316L smaller, lighter and far more cost effectively than current suppliers.


The photographs shown are of the enclosures being readied for packaging and transport to our customer in the UK. Photo 1 shows the panel front complete with additional protection leakage compensation modules and other contact gear. Photo 2 is the rear of the enclosure showing easy to fit mounting.


Photo 3 shows the Quingurad overpressure system - this is fully certified for zone 1 and 2 and only requires millibar pressure as opposed to usually 5-7 bar for purge and pressure systems. Photo 4 shows the internal test and intake pipe.

As we make and commission our own systems we can either build you system complete or ship you the optimised size enclosure complete with the Quinguard system for you to fit out. For zone 2 we may just require photographic evidence of the internals and for zone 1 we would commission the full set up then certify.

Just need some information from you:-

1) BOM including all datasheets and certificates where possible
2) Estimated heat loss of all components in watts (this allows us to size the cabinet)
3) GA including all wiring diagrams
4) Air supply details
5) location and end use requirements

Then please send all details to for a quotation.


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