Product Relaunch

At indEx we’re pleased to be able to announce the re-launch of our iGRP range (please see the full range of sizes below).

Having recently entered into an agreement with partners Quintex GmbH we now have the capability to supply (direct from our facility) assemblies for Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 applications.

Recent investments have led to the creation of a machining and assembly work centre enabling us to drill clearance holes, produce threaded holes, manufacture earth continuity plates and install terminals.

We hold stock of the most common sizes used in the market and this allows us to be able to supply quickly to customers’ specifications.

The enclosures can be supplied with nylon, brass or nickel plated brass cable glands or stopping plugs and can also be provided with earth bars. So if you have any requirements for these products please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sizes available:

  • 80x75x55
  • 110x75x55
  • 160x75x55
  • 122x120x90
  • 220x120x90
  • 160x160x90
  • 260x160x90
  • 360x160x90
  • 200x250x120
  • 255x250x120
  • 255x250x160
  • 400x250x120
  • 400x250x160
  • 400x405x200
  • 600x250x120
  • 600x250x160

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