Our iTBQT quarter turn / camlock hinged standard enclosure range gives you the most modern, robust and cost effective solutions for hazardous and heavy industrial use.

The sizes below are available for rapid delivery. Please speak to our sales team for lead times and prices.


Key features

  • Any size up to 2000mmx1200mmx800mm for hazardous area.
  • Any size for industrial.
  • 316L, 304 Stainless and painted mild steel.
  • ATEX.
  • Silicon gasket as standard.
  • Entry configuration to your requirements.
  • Brushed finish as standard. Corrosion resistant for min 25 years.
  • Impact resistant 7 N/m. Up to 10 N/m self certified.
  • All fixtures and fittings in 316L steel.
  • Innovative mounting assembly options.
  • Din rail support fitted.
  • Various material thicknesses available on request.

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Standard dimensions

All dimensions in mm

What size do you really need?

With indEx, custom comes as standard!
Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Below is a small range of enclosures which we entitle as “standard”. The enclosure industry, especially for Ex enclosures, has been producing a tiny range of between 10-20 standard sized enclosures (roughly based on the sizes below) for many years.

This makes it very easy for them to churn out the same thing time after time. So you would think they would be perfect by now — but we all know that is not true. However, it is something which the Ex industry and you the customer, has become accustomed to, but it is only because there has literally been no other option!

We only put them in to show we can offer these sizes but that is the only reason.

indEx are best known for our ability to custom build any size rapidly, with any footprint of any other manufacturer, assembler or distributor; or just one you make up yourself!

So remember: The sizes below are just an indication. You tell us what size you want!

Box sizeHeightWidthDepthLid GaugeBody GaugeHingesQtr turn /
iTBQT 2315132301501301.21.222
iTBQT 3020153002001501.21.222
iTBQT 3030153003001501.21.222
iTBQT 4030154003001501.21.222
iTBQT 4040154004001501.21.222
iTBQT 5040155004001501.21.222
iTBQT 6040206004002001.51.522
iTBQT 7550207505002001.51.532
iTBQT 9060209006002001.51.533
iTBQT 100802010008002001.51.545
iTBQT 120803012008003001.51.545
iTBQT 12010030120010003001.51.545

indEx are innovating new solutions on a daily basis so please keep returning to our website for updates.

Our iTBQT range is now complemented by a cabinet sized and style enclosures. This means that we can now build ANY ATEX size enclosure up to and including 2000mmx1200mmx800mm for use in hazardous areas with the rapid delivery you have come to expect from us and much bigger for industrial enclosures.


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