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Much of the bulk steel sheet we buy in is 316l, marine grade (1.4401) austenitic (non-magnetic) stainless steel which has a much enhanced corrosion protection resistance.

Also containing other elements such as nickel, chromium and molybdenum, it is the most cost effective steel for use in the heavy duty, highly corrosive offshore, shipping and marine industries.

We only deal directly with the steel mill so all our sheet steel is fully traceable and as an alloy it has much greater range of applications and fits very neatly with the marine and shipping industries.

Our standard finish is a grit brushed finish which is easily cleaned and will last for many years in the most onerous conditions. We use a TIG weld (fusion weld) so we have no need to electro polish the whole surface as you may have seen in the past. We only need to passivate the seams which have been welded. Electro polishing essentially eviscerates the whole surface of the enclosure, thus stripping off the top layer to reveal the chrome “shiny” finish underneath. In the past this was done to ensure the corrosion protection was the same all around the enclosure as welding methods tended to use MIG welds which may become contaminated with carbon steel if not correctly sourced. indEx can offer this finish as an alternative but if you have used these enclosures yourself, then you will already know that this process is costly, time consuming, the boxes mark very easily and are difficult to clean but mostly it is just plain environmentally damaging.

There are too many applications we have supplied to name here but here are a few locations where an indEx box may be found:

  • Control systems for Cranes
  • Quay side
  • Oil Jetty
  • Super tankers
  • FPSO
  • Ships decks

Our solutions page has many examples of our enclosures and fabrications for this industry so If you click on one of the boxes below it will take you to some photographs, more in depth explanations or case studies for our products in this sector.

Custom ATEX Enclosure

Custom sizes and styles for enclosures and fabrications

Our ability to rapidly manufacture an enormous array of custom sizes and styles of enclosures and fabrications is fast becoming THE industry standard!

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