ATEX Solutions for the Rail, Transport, Air & Defence Industry

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Our enclosures and fabrications can be integrated into a wide variety of static and mobile locations and some key indEx products can be seen in the following locations:

  • Vehicular loading and offloading control panels
  • Signalling and gantry control enclosures
  • Road side, telecoms and electrical connections weather tight enclosures
  • Solar and wind turbine remote signalling battery/ transfer housings
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Emergency exit lighting and control systems
  • VAC controls and Communications with CCTV installs
  • Feeder and distribution enclosures
  • Floor or ground Pit on road, airport apron and hanger locations
  • Refuelling stations and terminals
  • Sounders and beacons
  • Lighting Junction Boxes for security fence, aircraft hangers and military compounds
  • Explosive materials containers
  • Ramp access control
  • Munitions and military heavy duty storage

Our solutions page has many examples of our enclosures and fabrications for this industry so If you click on one of the boxes below it will take you to some photographs, more in depth explanations or case studies for our products in this sector.

Custom ATEX Enclosure

Custom sizes and styles for enclosures and fabrications

Our ability to rapidly manufacture an enormous array of custom sizes and styles of enclosures and fabrications is fast becoming THE industry standard!

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