IP Ratings

Ingress Protection

  • IP ratings give protection from solid objects (IP6X) and water (IPX6).
  • The minimum IP rating for Ex e is IP54.
  • indEx enclosures are IP66 as standard.
  • IP66 most onerous test - dust tightness and protection from powerful water jets.
  • IP67 and IP68 on request.

N.B. All indEx enclosures are TIG welded for strength & rigidity allowing for enhanced performance under extremes of temperature and pressure.

Ingress Protection Classification

First NumberSecond Number
IPProtection ProvidedIPProtection Provided
0No Protection0No Protection
1Protection against solid objects - 50mm1Protection against drops of water
2Protection against solid objects - 12mm2Protection of up to 15 deg vertical direct sprays of water
3Protection against solid objects - 2.5mm3Protection of up to 60 deg vertical direct sprays of water
4Protection against solid objects - 1mm4Protection from water sprayed in all directions
5Limited Protection against dust5Protection from low pressure jets of water in all directions
6Complete protection against dust6Protection from strong jets of water
7Protection from temporary immersion of up to 1m for 30 mins
8Protection from Complete immersion for specified depth and unlimited time

IP68 Enclosures

Intended for use in areas which are subject to flood risk for a specified depth and time or in areas with a continuous known depth of water.

A test enclosure must be built and subjected to rigorous tests over the defined periods of time and specified depth.

This is an example of one we have just supplied to a world leader in cable design, construction and installation.

Built to withstand 3m for 2 weeks, and including a viewing window for intermittent internal apparatus inspection, this enclosure passed all the necessary tests by a third party EN body.


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